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SYDNEY older persons study (SOPS)

The Sydney Older Persons Study (SOPS) is a longitudinal study examining the health, wellbeing and lifestyle of war veterans and their widows and non-veterans.

SOPS was conceived in 1988 by the Sydney Older Veterans Health and Services Project to investigate the health of community dwelling veterans of World War II. The study commenced in 1991, and included 327 war veterans and widows and 320 non-veterans aged 75 and over. The five stages of the study consist of medical and neurological assessments of the participants, and data collection on health and lifestyle, and medication history.

Stages 1, 2 and 4 of SOPS involved visiting people in their homes and conducting medical and neuropsychological assessments. Participants were also asked about their health and lifestyle (e.g. exercise, smoking and alcohol consumption). Stage 3 involved taking a blood sample and completing a medication history. Stages 4 and 5 involved MRI scanning of the brain. Previous SOPS findings have focused on disease, disability and service use; prediction of dementia; prediction of mortality; life satisfaction and depression; medication use; alcohol; and laboratory results.

Previous SOPS research findings have identified disability as the strongest predictor of service use within the study population. Other findings include symptoms of stress and depression among carers who provide greater levels of assisstance to study participants with illness or disability.

SOPS has received funding from the Research and Development Grants Advisory Council, PH and RDC, RFBI, Sir Zelman Crown Foundation and NHMRC over the course of its existence. Research is conducted by the Centre for Education and Research on Ageing (CERA) of Concord Hospital and at the Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute.

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